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    f-evident that▓ Tolsto did not mean by this to e●xpress sympathy with the Diabolics a▓nd other eccentrics.Moreover, he sp●oke flatly against art for art's s▓ake, which he calls tiresome more tha▓n anything else.Agonized

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    productions of▓ the search for originality, welcomed by i▓dleness, and intended for the applause of the● critics of so-called fine taste.He shrug▓ged his shoulders over the fact that a m▓onument had been erected to Baudel

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    aire.He agree▓d with me, however, when I traced● the interest in exotic suggest▓ion in the creative arts, as for everything ecce▓ntric and bizarre, back to the tendency toward●s an entirely external naturalism, which wou?/p>


坙d completely rule out from art t●he personality of the artist.● He returned again to his text. Without the▓ deepest sy


mpathy and complete identificat▓ion with the subject no work of ▓art can ever be produced. He does● not admit, however, that th▓is identification with the subject ●is found in the experiments of these● latter-day writers.


He sees in them● only a sudden change from the fashion


▓for objectivity to the fashio▓n for subjectivity.When


, however,▓ I spoke of the good-fortune of the Russian


▓in not[Pg 329] being obliged to tak●e part in all the

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    ecause he had al●ready showed in his deep-hearte▓d realism that it is possible to be true t▓o reality, and yet be full of warm●th and meaning, he again rais●ed his hand to stop me, and b▓lushed.I could not tell whether it w?/p>

  • 馻s from modesty or

    whether he does not wi●sh any longer to hear of the works of his li●terary period.I believe, however, t▓hat the noise of all this no longer reaches his ●ear.When I spoke with warm enthusiasm of the● debt we all owe him, said

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    re●velation to us, that through ●him we had first learned what poetic power lies ●in the simplest and deepest fid▓elity to nature, he stopped me in his ge▓ntle way.Only philanthropy is now a m●atter of any importance for hi


m.Every●thing else is empty trifling.▓He said to me: You are still buried dee▓p in materialism.You must see ▓that you

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in finding it ▓in all points as he believes he has foun

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